About Us

We are project managers specializing in renewable energy development and community energy systems. Since 2003, we have provided the capacity and support needed for communities and developers to navigate the entire renewable energy project development process, from idea to operation.

Sometimes we are mistaken for developers or construction contractors, but we are neither. We are consultants, and our mission is to add value to the organizations and communities we work for. We achieve our mission by first understanding our Clients’ needs, and then by drawing on our broad experience in successful project development, construction and operations.

Often our Clients ask us to build and lead multidisciplinary project teams. Although we procure project services, materials and equipment on behalf of our Clients, we do not apply any mark-up to these costs.

Why we are different

Engineering and consulting firms typically concentrate on one or two aspects of renewable energy development or community energy systems. We build and lead project teams with the expertise needed for each stage of development. We are one company that can deliver your entire project.

Our Projects

Our projects bring clean energy, economic development and jobs to some of the most remote communities in Western Canada. No project is too small or too far away.

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First Nation Communities
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Why work with us?

We add value to every community we work with.

We have provided strategic planning, and technical and management services to support the development of more than 60 renewable energy projects.

Our Mission

To bring clean energy projects to life by providing the sustained capacity and support needed for every stage of development, from idea to operation.

Our Vision

A future where natural resources are used wisely, respectfully and sustainably.

Our Philosophy

To work professionally and ethically to add value to the communities and organizations we serve.

We are committed to developing natural resources
without depleting or degrading them

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