The first and often most important step in renewable energy project development is the identification of potential energy generation sites and assessment of the energy resource. Whether a hydropower, geothermal or wind resource, a combination of desk-based modeling and field data collection are needed to quantify the energy generation potential of a given site. Barkley Project Group has completed several resource inventory projects, and we have quantified the potential energy generation capacity of hundreds of sites throughout vast areas of British Columbia and Yukon. Our resource inventory projects have identified numerous commercial scale and off-grid project opportunities, several of which are now in development or operation.


Understanding stream hydrology is key to determining the amount and timing of water available for hydropower generation. Stream hydrology is determined by collecting continuous stream stage data using in-situ data recording equipment. Barkley Project Group operates hydrometric data programs on numerous hydropower project streams and rivers through BC and Yukon. We install and maintain the automated stream stage monitoring equipment, and periodically measure stream discharge to develop rating curves for converting stream stage data to stream flow data. At least one year of continuous stream flow monitoring is recommended as a baseline for the stream hydrology and power studies. The data we collect is correlated with real-time and long term records collected at nearby Water Survey Canada stations, allowing our Project Hydrologist to derive a 20 year synthetic stream flow model, which is then used to predict future stream flow and potential power generation.