Indigenous Opportunities Forum 2019

Barkley Project Group’s President, Yuho Okada, spoke on a panel at the Indigenous Opportunities Forum 2019. This event was the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s 9th annual Indigenous Opportunities Forum, it explored the important role that Indigenous leaders have played to create more prosperous communities by leveraging ownership, investing in people, and retaining their strong heritage and cultural practices.

Session 1: Leveraging Ownership

Indigenous communities across Canada are increasingly exploring business opportunities and ownership positions in various industries. Increasingly, Indigenous communities are turning into major economic and regional players, with many communities deciding that ownership can provide the best path to environmental protections and economic benefits. The panel will highlight some positive examples of Indigenous ownership and explore barriers that continue to exist.

Clean energy projects can present a promising economic opportunity for indigenous communities. Barkley Project Group can play a role in bringing clean energy project ideas to life.

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