Clarke Lake Geothermal Project

Clarke Lake Geothermal Project is a 7-15 MW geothermal project that is 100% owned and led by Fort Nelson First Nation. The activities are being carried out by Fort Nelson First Nation’s economic development arm, Deh Tai LP. This project serves a non-integrated area in British Columbia, meaning that it offers clean baseload power to a region that relies on fossil fuel-generated electricity. There is potential to utilize the direct-use heat from the geothermal electricity facility for other economic development uses, such as greenhouses, heating buildings or drying crops. The geothermal facility will consist of Organic Rankine Cycle turbines, the heat is estimated to be around 120°C however, there will be more test results confirming the heat resource in Fall 2021.



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  • Date June 2, 2021
  • Tags Geothermal