Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal

Poised to be the first commercial-scale geothermal electricity generating plant in BC and amongst the first in Canada.

Project Type: Geothermal
Capacity: 7-15MW
Owned By: Fort Nelson First Nation
Status: Currently in development
Project Start Date: 2019
Expected Project Completion Date: 2026

This trailblazing project is 100% owned by Fort Nelson First Nation through the economic development corporation Deh Tai LP.

The project sits on a 40+ year old gas field that has long been a cornerstone of the regional economy but is facing economic decline.

Fort Nelson’s islanded electricity grid is currently 100% reliant on fossil fuels. By repurposing this depleted gas field into a renewable energy source, this project aligns with the Province of BC and the Government of Canada’s net-zero by 2050 carbon emissions target.

The first full-sized geothermal production well has been drilled to a depth of over two kilometers and an existing disused gas well has been given a new life as a geothermal injection well. Near-term project activities include production testing, data analysis and wellfield design.

The project will stimulate spin-off economic development opportunities and advance energy security for Fort Nelson First Nation and the surrounding region. The facility will host a closed-loop binary system using Organic Rankine Cycle turbines, with geothermal fluid estimated at 120°C. It is currently anticipated that the project will be 7-15 MW in size, producing enough electricity to serve approximately 10,000 homes.

Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal is an exciting example of Indigenous leadership in an innovative and emerging clean energy industry opportunity via a community-led project. The project provides a significant opportunity to contribute sustainable economic growth and energy independence in a region that has historically had to live with the realities of boom-and-bust resource development. Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal will result in not only the production of clean baseload power production but will act as a catalyst for local job creation skills development, and industry leadership. Its greatest promise may be as a bellwether for future geothermal energy development projects that decarbonize the economies of Northwestern Canada.

This project has received support from the following entities: Natural Resources Canada, Western Economic Diversification Canada, Indigenous Services Canada, the Province of BC, and the New Relationship Trust.


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Chief Sharleen Gale

"Fort Nelson First Nation is paving the way in Canada's emerging geothermal industry—Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal is leading the energy transition and bringing new life to the depleted Clarke Lake gas field. Our people's future depends on our ability to transform into a renewable-energy economy that can also support food security in our territory. We are proud of the sustainable future we are building for generations to come."

- Chief Sharleen Gale