Today, and every day we stand with Indigenous Peoples

Today and every day, we stand with the First Nations’ communities we have the privilege of working with on their renewable energy projects and community energy goals.  

We stand with Indigenous Peoples

We know we will never comprehend the full extent of the trauma from residential schools. We are here to support and participate in the journey of reconciliation. This includes ceremonies, donating to survivor funds, searching former residential school sites or whatever communities ask of us at this time. 
There needs to be collective actions towards reconciliation. This responsibility should not fall on the shoulders of Indigenous Peoples alone. At Barkley Project Group, we are committed to the actions listed under the Business and Reconciliation section, Action #92. We encourage you to do your part in enacting the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  
Indigenous communities continue to be resilient and persevere; there is a lot to celebrate. We respect you and stand with you.