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Yuho Okada


Yuho Okada, MBA, is the President of Barkley Project Group. In addition to engaging in his current executive management role, Yuho has over 10 years of hands-on experience in project management, including project development, financing, strategic planning, economic analysis, and business planning for numerous clean energy projects in BC and Yukon. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation from the University of British Columbia and a Master’s in Business Administration from Royal Roads University. He serves as a chair of the Board of Directors for a clean energy industry association, Clean Energy BC.

Ben Whyte

Director and Senior Advisor

Ben Whyte, P. Eng., PMP, is the Hydro Team Lead and Principal with more than 15 years of experience in heavy civil and industrial construction. Ben has successfully led and delivered multiple clean energy projects in remote locations throughout British Columbia as a Project Manager with Barkley Project Group. Prior to joining Barkley Project Group, Ben was responsible for site engineering as the Owner’s Representative overseeing the spillway program for BC Hydro’s Ruskin Dam and Powerhouse Upgrade project. Ben’s project experience also includes site project engineering and construction coordination of EPC contracts for solar power, nuclear power, and natural gas projects across Canada. Ben holds a degree in Civil Engineering and Management from McMaster University.

Kass Harbottle

Director and Geothermal Team Lead

Kass Harbottle (they/them), M.Sc., P. Eng. is a Director and the Geothermal Department Lead responsible for the management of energy projects during planning, development, and construction. Kass is a Professional Engineer with a Master of Science in Sustainable Development and a Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering. They have over 10 years of industry experience working in both non-renewable and renewable energy sectors. They have worked with multiple remote and First Nation communities to develop community-owned energy projects. Kass has a wide range of project experience, including community consultation, construction management, technical analysis, design coordination, and community energy planning.


Dan Valliquette

Operations Manager and Team Lead

Dan Valliquette is the Operations Manager and Team Lead providing technical and management services in power plant operations, systems management, inspection and maintenance, and plant operator training and supervision. Dan is also experienced in hydrometric data collection, electrical energy load monitoring, project planning, design, and construction. Dan is a certified Red Seal Electrician with over 10 years of experience in commercial and residential installations. He is experienced in the installation of grid-tied and off-grid renewable energy systems, including Micro-hydro, PV, wind, and battery.

Jonathan Venter

Operations Technician

Jonathan Venter, B.Eng., EIT, is an Operations Technician with the Operations team. Jonathan graduated with a Mechatronics Engineering Degree from the University of Port Elizabeth (NMMU). He also has his Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management. He has 9 years of experience in the renewable energy industry with a focus on wind energy. He has been part of renewable energy projects in South Africa, Spain, and the United States. His experience spans the commissioning of wind farms, reliability improvement, and back-office technical analysis of plant performance.


Mary Vasey

Project Manager and the Development Team Lead

Mary Vasey (she/her), B.Sc., M. Eng., PMP, CEM, is a Project Manager and the Development Team Lead providing specialized services in community energy planning and the development of renewable energy systems in grid-connected and off-grid communities. Mary holds a Master of Engineering in Clean Energy from the University of British Columbia. She collaborates with several remote and urban First Nation communities to develop projects that align with community priorities and objectives. Her diverse experience in renewable energy technologies includes solar, wind, wave, energy storage, and hydropower development.

Brie Haley

Project Manager – Development Team

Brie Haley (she/her), M.Eng., P.Eng., has her MEng in Clean Energy, and 9 years in the renewable energy and climate change sectors, combined with international experience and personal development, has enabled her to take an authentic approach to provide advisory services. Known for her positive energy, dedicated work ethic, and innate ability to build and maintain meaningful and trusting connections with others. “The feedback I hear most often from clients is how well I listen. I have a proven track record of securing capital, building inclusive teams, and moving clean energy projects from planning through to implementation. I am committed to serving for the greater good of all living beings and our planet – let’s connect to make the world a better place!”

Erin Quon

Project Manager, Development

Erin Quon (she/her), P.Eng., is a project manager on the Development team with over 9 years of experience across infrastructure, renewable energy, and clean technology sectors. Bringing varied technical and managerial skills to the team, her project experience includes geotechnical investigations and engineering design, construction monitoring, solar and marine energy development, wind farm optimization, data management, emissions management, and several business growth initiatives. Erin holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Queen’s University and volunteers with various climate and social action organizations. Passion for Earth’s natural environment and enthusiasm for people creating positive change drives her personal and professional life.

Kai Foss

GIS Analyst and Project Coordinator

Kai Foss, MGIS, ADGIS, BA, is a GIS Analyst and Project Coordinator responsible for developing and supporting Barkley Project Group’s various projects and GIS services. Kai is well-versed in spatial data management, editing, analysis, and the development of web mapping applications. Before working with Barkley Project Group, Kai worked at Nova Scotia’s Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, where she gained experience working with Stakeholders and managing large data sets for use in online web applications. Kai has a master’s degree in GIS from Vancouver Island University.


Stephen Rayner

Business Development Advisor

Stephen Rayner is a Business Development Advisor. Stephen graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with a diploma in geomatics engineering technology. He has 15 years of experience working on a range of infrastructure projects in a multitude of roles, from planning, data collection, and design to inspection and commissioning. Before joining the BPG team, Stephen spent 7 years as the Director of Government Services for a treaty First Nation. In this role, he oversaw the comprehensive community plan, asset management plan, program development, and capacity building. Stephen also oversaw the planning, development, design, construction, commissioning, operation, and replacement of all Nation-owned infrastructure.

Austin Tokarek

Project Manager and Interim Infrastructure Team Lead

Austin Tokarek, B.Sc., MBA, CEA, CAMP, MMP, is a Project Manager and Interim Infrastructure Team Lead with 13 years of experience specializing in strategic asset and energy management planning.  Austin has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Royal Roads University and a Master of Business Administration in Renewables from Beuth University in Berlin.  Prior to joining Barkley, he developed an asset management program and implemented a corporate strategic energy management plan in the local government sector. Additional experience includes preparing energy assessments, feasibility studies, emissions inventories, and coordinating energy upgrade projects for building envelopes, heat pumps, HVAC, lighting, solar photovoltaic, and electric vehicle charging stations. He is also a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) from the Association of Energy Engineers, a Certified Asset Management Professional (CAMP), and a Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) from PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada.  Austin is also a registered Energy Advisor and has conducted over 100 home energy evaluations.


Nick Balaban

Construction Manager and the Interim Infrastructure Team Lead

Nick Balaban B.Ed., B.A., Construction Manager and Interim Infrastructure Team Lead with more than 15 years of experience in construction. Nick has 10 years of experience working on hydropower development projects, including 8 years as a carpentry foreman. He specializes in working with concrete, including suspended slabs. Nick operated his own construction business for eight years, where he managed sub-contract trades and performed estimating and budgeting work for projects. Nick’s personnel management and communication skills allow him to thrive as the interface between design and construction.

Jason Village

Project Coordinator

Jason Village B.Comm. is a Project Coordinator for the Community Infrastructure Development Initiative, supporting communities in identifying, planning, and launching new infrastructure and economic development projects. Jason graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in Business Operations and Logistics with a concentration in Sustainability and Social Impact from the University of British Columbia. His work experience includes funding for non-profits, geophysics fieldwork, and project management on a Tiny Home with a hybrid renewable energy system. While at UBC, his focus was researching economic, technological, and policy barriers in energy transitions.

Mitchell Leduc

Project Coordinator

Mitchell Leduc is a Project Coordinator on Infrastructure projects. He implements project plans to achieve objectives on time and within budget. Mitchell maintains key relationships with the client, contractors, and internal team members working. Mitchell has over 20 years of experience in various engineering roles, from an Architectural/Geotechnical/Structural Technician to Field Construction Management, leading telecommunication infrastructure projects on Vancouver Island. He holds a Diploma in Telecommunication Technology, together with certifications from NIC, BCIT, and Dalhousie University related to Engineering.


Mike Murdoch

Project Manager

Mike Murdoch, P. Eng.,  is a Project Manager and the Hydropower Team Lead who delivers projects by leading diverse professional teams to provide solutions to challenging, unique problems. Mike holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Degree from Lakehead University as well as a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology from St. Clair College. Mike is a registered Professional Engineer (P. Eng) registered with EGBC. Mike has experience in Project Management, Project Engineering, Design Engineering, Construction Management, and Mechanical Field Engineering. He has experience in a variety of industries, including Hydro, Oil & Gas, Pulp, and Mining.

Mitchel Flynn

Project Manager - Hydropower Team

Mitchel Flynn is a Project Manager on the Hydropower Team, where he achieves project success by aligning team members’ unique strengths toward a clear, common goal. He has a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Alberta and has been managing projects from run-of-river hydro to large civil infrastructure since 2010. Mitchel is passionate about promoting sustainability and implementing low-carbon energy solutions and is proud to be working with Indigenous communities on their path to energy independence. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time outside hiking, camping, kayaking and snowboarding.

Tim Matthews

Technical Advisor - GIS & Regulatory

Tim Matthews, B.Sc., ADGISA, is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Regulatory advisor with over 10 years of experience supporting clean energy development projects from concept to operation. Tim works with team members to advance hydropower projects through pre-feasibility and feasibility phases, including the regulatory permitting process required to obtain major project approvals. Tim also supports construction and operation phase hydropower projects with GIS services and regulatory support.


Tobias Hewton

Project Coordinator and Senior Hydrometric Technician

Tobias Hewton, B.A., is a Project Coordinator and Senior Hydrometric Technician working on the Hydropower Team at Barkley Project Group. Tobias holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Victoria and a Geotechnical Diploma from Sir Sandford Fleming College. In his role as Senior Hydrometric Technician, he oversees and guides the execution of hydrometric programs in support of both hydropower development projects and plant operations. As a Project Coordinator, he works closely with First Nations throughout BC to help develop run-of-river hydropower projects. With broad hands-on experience and a diverse academic background, he makes a valuable addition to the Barkley team.

Taylor Stubbins

Project Coordinator

Taylor Stubbins, B.Sc., EIT, is a Project Coordinator contributing to hydropower construction project management. Taylor graduated from Queen’s University in Geological Engineering in 2015 and is a Geological EIT registered with Engineers and Geoscientists BC. He has developed strong working relationships with many First Nation communities and contractors in coastal BC. His experience spans the on-site coordination of a variety of energy and transportation infrastructure projects. Taylor is proficient in a wide variety of computer programs and languages utilized in project engineering and management and has proven his ability to complete fieldwork in all conditions and environments with training in Fire Safety and Swift Water Rescue and Safety.

Andrew Medgyesi

Project Coordinator

Andrew Medgyesi, M.E.L., is a Project Coordinator providing specialized services in the development and integration of run-of-river hydro-power projects in renewable energy systems. He has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Victoria as well as a Master of Engineering Leadership in Clean Energy from the University of British Columbia. Andrew enjoys energy modelling, feasibility analyses, and working collaboratively with First Nation leadership, expert consultants, and other project stakeholders.

Arjun Sharma

Project Coordinator

Arjun Sharma is a Project Coordinator working in the hydropower department. He has over 5 years of project development and construction management experience in the renewable energy industry. Arjun has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Nepal and a Canadian Graduate Certificate in Energy Management. He worked as a Project Manager on two hydropower projects in Nepal, including engineering the design and construction of transmission lines and switchyards. Arjun is immensely gratified to be part of a team that provides clean energy solutions to indigenous communities, thereby positively impacting both the environment and local communities.


Jordan Shirley

Hydrometric Technician

Jordan Shirley, MSc., BSc., is responsible for monitoring, collecting, and processing hydrometric field data with Barkley’s Hydropower Team. He has an MSc. in Soil Science and BSc. in Renewable Resource Management from the University of Saskatchewan, where he focused on researching and developing sustainable biotechnologies. Furthermore, he holds an Integrated Resource Management Diploma from Saskatchewan Polytechnic. His expertise lies in the nuanced analysis and interpretation of environmental data, along with exploring innovative technologies. Additionally, he brings a background in forestry and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications for the management of renewable resources.


Kass Harbottle

Director and Geothermal Team Lead

Raj Khugsal

Financial Analyst

Raj Khugsal, BComm, PMP, is a Financial Analyst on Barkley’s Geothermal team. Raj is a Commerce graduate, certified PMP, and current board member of Canadian West Coast PMI Chapter. He is currently working on the Tu Deh Kah Geothermal project, supporting the larger team. He comes with broad experience in project management, budgeting, analysis, reporting, and working with organizations on process improvement and optimization. His previous experience in renewables includes working with biomass fuel projects.

Shawn Day

Geothermal Project Manager

Shawn Day, BSc (Honors) Geology, is a Project Manager with the geothermal team specializing in geothermal exploration and drilling. He graduated from the University of Alberta and is a member of the Bigstone Cree Nation, part of Treaty 8 Territory in Northern Alberta. Shawn has spent his career planning and executing field sampling and drilling programs throughout Northern British Columbia and the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in both the mining and energy industries. He is also an avid science and energy communicator and educator, volunteering for the Science Olympics and Rock and Fossil Clinics and working with youth. Shawn also holds a 3rd Class Power Engineering certificate with experience in operations and maintenance.

Daniel Alonso Torres

Geothermal Exploration Specialist

Daniel Alonso Torres, M.Sc., G.I.T., is a Geothermal Exploration Specialist leading the design and execution of early-stage geothermal projects. He holds a Master of Science in Geology and Geophysics from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Science in Geology from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. In collaboration with remote communities and First Nations, Daniel has advanced geothermal projects across Western Canada and has over 12 years of experience working on research and exploration projects throughout North America and Europe. Daniel is a passionate science communicator and a member of the Geothermal Technical Division Committee of the Canadian Energy Geoscientists Association.

Ben Boudreau

Project Coordinator

Ben Boudreau, B. Eng., EIT, is a Project Coordinator contributing to the Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal management team. Ben graduated in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Before and during his engineering studies, Ben worked as a Hairstylist in Montreal for nearly 10 years. He has since worked primarily in design engineering on projects related to robotics, construction, and aerospace. Prior to working at Barkley, Ben worked as an Aerospace Design Engineer, helping design wildfire-fighting aircraft to combat the effects of climate change all over the world.

Chelsey Hay

Geothermal Project Coordinator

Chelsey Hay, M.Sc., MSs, GIT, is a Project Coordinator with the Geothermal Team, providing oversight for the subsurface geological and engineering aspects of the Tu Deh-Kah geothermal project. Chelsey holds a Master’s in Geology from the University of Calgary and a Master’s in Sustainability from the University of Saskatchewan. She brings several years of experience in oil and gas exploration and development, including geological mapping, technical analyses, and drilling and operations.


Diane Walton

Finance Manager

Diane Walton is Barkley Project Group’s Finance Manager. Diane has over 25 years of experience in corporate accounting and office administration in the renewable energy, forestry, construction, and service sectors. Diane provides financial and administrative services to Barkley Project Group, operational hydropower companies, and development projects.

Dee Street

Grants and Development Advisor

Dee Street (she/her),  BFA, is a Grants and Development Advisor responsible for providing high-quality, professional consulting services to support Barkley Project Group’s clean energy and infrastructure projects, business development, and marketing. Dee holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson). She has over 4 years of non-profit fundraising experience in BC and over 15 years of experience as a business analysis and HR professional in public and private companies in BC, Ontario, and internationally.

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1993 – 2022


"I am driven to protect the environment and create a better world for people and nature. I know that climate change is an existential threat already impacting the Earth, and I will do everything I can to contribute to positive change.

I am creative and believe in the healing power of creating.

I lead my life with a sense of adventure and am open to new experiences, and I will not slip into complacency.

I am a constant and loyal friend; my loved ones feel valued and appreciated through my support.

The world is vast and its infiniteness humbles me. I strive to challenge myself intellectually and thrive when I expand my knowledge.

My mind and body are important; I respect myself through sleep, nourishment, movement and spending rejuvenating time in nature."


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