Wuikinuxv Biomass Energy Pre-Feasibility Study

Exploring the potential contribution of biomass fuels in space heating, reducing diesel demand, and freeing up more hydropower.

Project Type: Feasibility study
Energy Types Assessed: Biomass Energy
Owned By: Wuikinuxv Nation
Status: Construction
Project Start Date: 2021
Expected Project Completion Date: 2022

The Wuikinuxv First Nation community is located on the shores of Rivers Inlet and Owikeno Lake on the Coast of British Coumbia. Until the commissioning of the Nicknaqueet River Hydro project in 2018, the Wuikinuxv Village was entirely reliant on diesel generation to supply electricity. Diesel generation now accounts for only approximately 10% of electrical generation. However, as the community pursues new housing, community services, and economic development initiatives, that amount is set to grow. Diesel is used primarily in the late summer and coldest winter weeks when hydro production is reduced due to lower river flows or freeze up.

The Wuikinuxv biomass energy pre-feasibility study therefore aims to explore the potential contribution of biomass fuels to contribute to space heating to reduce diesel demand and free up more hydro power generation capacity to supply new village loads. The objective of this pre-feasibility-level analysis is to quantify and characterize the various biomass feedstocks that are locally available, and to explore the potential costs, risks, and benefits of various bioenergy system options that could utilize these resources. This project is ongoing, with BPG acting as project manager and technical lead.

This project has received support from Natural Resources Canada.